Painless Non-Invasive Microneedling Nano Wireless Derma Device With Replacement Catridges


Innovative design and technology
The futuristic product design has been crafted for comfortable use and is steady to hold. The light-transmitting plexiglass surface is treated with a nano-structured optical texture and coating, achieving a full three-dimensional light flow to enable the Phototherapy mode. The appearance of the serum capsules is bright and exquisite, while the serum level window gives a clear visualization of the serum consumption during use.

Real Transdermal & Absorption
Forestskin Nano Tracker Device: The nanocrystalline needle technology opens microchannels on the surface layer of the skin and promotes the deep absorption of active ingredients. At the same time, the red and infrared light accelerate the skin microcirculation and enhance the effect of the nano meso treatment further.

Dual Mode Treatment
The Nano Tracker penetrates and rejuvenates the skin. The Red and Infrared lights of the Phototherapy mode do not only help the Nano Tracker Serum to be absorbed more quickly, but it also promotes skin microcirculation and repair of damaged skin.

Device and Serum Synergy
The synergy between the FORESTSKIN Nano Tracker Device and serum makes it possible to introduce many different skincare treatment routines, according to the individual condition of the skin. At the same time, the device and serums are designed in a user-friendly packaging with no need to touch the serum or needle surface by hand, reducing any risks of contamination.